Aviator's Pubs Bag / E&E Bag

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This makes the perfect pubs bag for an aviator, with enough room to hold and organize your maps, FLIP, extra batteries, NVG weight bags, headset or CEP's, kneeboard and tablet.  It even has room for some snacks and hydration, and still fits unobtrusively in the cockpit.  Overseas, it has the right amount of extra ammo storage and organization for your E/E kit.  Our Level 1 Pocket Survival Kit fits perfectly in one of the external pouches.

From the manufacturer: The Condor Tactical Response Bag is a great way to get organized for any emergency preparedness situation. Having a great amount of divided pre-divided compartments gives you a quick way to fit your essentials. Comes with a concealed universal pistol holster in a hidden hook and loop compartment.